What is more fitting than a restaurant themed around meat? Where do we order?! This modern tavern by Minas Kosmidis is located in Komotini (Andrianoupoleos 4), Northern Greece where a simple black and white palette provides the perfect setting for the bold red accents that play with the theme of the restaurant ‘Fabrica Creaton’ and its Butcher Shop ideas. The restaurant stands two stories high with a mild gray toned tile floor surrounded by brightly lit white ceramic tiled walls. A bold black band rims the corners of the room and the ceiling plane to provide a distinct transition to the exposed wood beamed ceiling above.

The design touches on the flavors and ideas of the late 1950s; while maintaining a sense of modern commodities and support. The materials are timeless and concise featuring tiles, glass, metals and wood. Juxtaposed against these smooth materials, elements of fun and energy are brought about with the pendant light fixtures reflecting the traditional Greek skirt where the waist line provides a great red accent at the ceiling plane. Seat cushions upholstered in red and black gingham draw your eyes beyond the table setting, breaking up the sleek backdrop.

Lighting always plays such an important role in any space, more so perhaps in retail and restaurants. The pendant light fixtures are intended to be enjoyed and create movement above whilst providing the necessary ambient and task lighting. You’ll notice, however that all other light sources are not visible; staggered down-lights span the ceramic tiled wall accenting artwork and the subtle texture created in the mounted tiles. Red accent industrial fixtures provide the perfect contrast to the space in colour, shape and style. Varying styles of dining chairs and bar stools are then added into the mix.

Graphic images are perfectly positioned so as to provide yet another splash of fun and energy. designed by Greek designer Yianis Tokalatsidis. The images themselves don’t over power the timeless, eclectic design of the overall palette, but rather enhance and energize it. Additional tavern like touches are the refrigerator-like cases that hold raw meat suspended like trophies on display; further reminders of the feasts that await. Bar height tables displaying a butcher’s knife are complemented by cow print covered stools.

Fabrica Creaton is a great blend of fun and flavor where strong architectural elements make for big gestures supporting and enhancing the underlying theme. All in all, a great place to meat and greet!



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