Οίνος + Scent = Oinoscent

Oinoscent offers its services as a cozy wine bar, giving you the chance to indulge into a large variety of wine from across Greece and all over the world. Its list for wine available by the glass is reinvented at a regular basis, while you can always ask for any bottle available in the shop for an extra charge (corkage fee) of € 8, added to its original retail price. Thus, if a bottle on display costs € 10, you may order it for consumption in our bar for the price of € 18.

You may also accompany your wine with a variety of selected cheese and sliced meat.

Visit a truly hospitable locale and enjoy dry, sparkling or dessert wines, as well as unique distilled spirits, with the sounds of special musical selections.

Oinoscent regularly hosts wine tasting nights, presenting many diverse labels from producers from all around Greece. Accompanied by well chosen dishes and music, we mingle, discuss, and always have a great time appreciating the contents of our glass. In addition, on those nights, all products presented to you are available at a friendly, introductory price.

Oinoscent sees to the continuous update of our list, with wine provided by Greek and international vineyards, of both earlier and recent harvests, and, also, by smaller but notable producers, the efficient maintenance of a rich variety of fine spirits, malt whiskeys, cognacs, calvados, armagnacs, sherries, port, champagnes vintage, the high-standard preservation of quality of our products, within our facilities designated for the wine’s proper aging and careful storing. The appropriate choice of wine for yourself, depending on the occasion, with the help and expertise of one of our colleagues, the availability of a wide range of complementary products, such as luxury chocolates, gourmet products and wine accessories, your exclusive service between the hours of 10 in the morning until midnight, Monday to Saturday.



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