Flexibility Captured in Compact Living

Combining an amazing solution for small spaces and the Feng Shui principles of Yin (private and closed) and Yang (public and open), a feng shui expert commissioned Spaceflavor Architecture to design his new and exciting office/bedroom/meditation space to fit into his Oakland loft. Named simple the CUBE, this compact multi-purpose space offers flexibility and simplicity. Easy to take apart to fit through a standard 3-foot wide door, the eight-foot CUBE was the perfect solution to increasing necessary space while keeping it compact: “Bay Area Feng Shui expert, Liu Ming, was facing a dilemma: his 1,100 square-foot live/work apartment felt vast and deserted when he was alone, yet he needed more space for his growing Feng Shui classes. He was often forced to juggle his desk, closets and other hefty personal furniture to accommodate over 30 students. He sought an unconventional design solution to gain more space for his classes and streamline loft reconfigurations, while preserving his personal space.” The prefabricated steel frame and plywood components allow the owner to disassemble the CUBE is necessary using regular DIY tools. Do you agree that this is all you need to live a balanced life?




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